A proprietary solution for your business

• Publish your own video content on every screen and mobile device, • Share your publications with others, • Use video content shared by other users, • Broadcast ads using a player integrated with the video and audio platform.

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    Technology that allows brands to reach engaged audiences with their message

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    An ecosystem that integrates Video Creators, Publishers and Marketers.



You will always have the statistics of the material and advertisement impressions at your fingertips. • Increase the monetisation of your websites, • You will increase the time spent by the recipient of your content on the website, • Increase user engagement thanks to unique content, • You will produce additional advertising space .
Track revenue, engagement and ad impressions on our intuitive dashboard. • Get advanced tools to monetise your videos, • Extend the reach of your video content, • Reach global brands with your work, • Get the opportunity to implement interesting and challenging projects.


Video Player

  • Freedom of creating original content – customisation of the Player’s appearance and behaviour on the website,
  • Full compatibility with video broadcasting standards available on the market (VAST, VPAID, VMAP),
  • Security – each Player instance contains its own unique product key,
  • Automation in the implementation of new solutions and fixes for the advertising service – integration with Google IMA SDK,
  • Increase in the level of Viewability – Floating Player – desktop and mobile,
  • Increase in the effective number of video materials broadcasts – Autoplay,
  • Increase in viewership of websites – videoWall,
  • Increase in the reach of materials – numerous social media sites on the Player.
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Distributed and scalable system for broadcasting video materials.

Specially designed infrastructure ensures a high level of availability of materials placed on the VE Platform. The scalability of our solution allows us to offer significant space (calculated in TB) for your materials.

The primary storage location for video content is Stream Extension’s internal storage consisting of a server farm that synchronises video content between servers.

  • Security and independence – Each account on the VE Platform can be assigned its own storage space, to which the video content will be uploaded and will then be broadcast from there.
  • Compatibility and freedom of operation – The VE platform allows integration with any video storage system (Amazon s3, OVH Cloud Storage, OCS Oktawave, etc.), as well as with any other existing Publisher space.
  • Maximising the number of video broadcasts, and thus the number of advertisements on the site – Each user reading an article will also see a video.
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