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The Stream Extension team provides you with detailed information on the registration process. Contact us by e-mail ( or phone (+48) 575 929 321 (+48) 22 398 78 77.
With the support of the Video Exchanger Platform, you can comprehensively manage video content and publish it on your own website. The full description of functionalities is available here:
Yes, the Video Exchanger Platform has an integrated player.
You can only use our proprietary video player after registering an account on the Video Exchanger Platform.


In the case of a radio player, our technical department asks you to prepare the information necessary for its implementation: website address, link to the audio stream (URL) and guidelines regarding the player's appearance. Upon receipt of the above data, we shall send you a unique code to be placed on the website. The video player is operated using the Video Exchanger Platform. Simply download the code for the player or the entire playlist from the platform and paste it into the place of your choice on the website.
Stream Extension provides full technical support during the implementation of the technology. After its implementation, we provide assistance in selling the space. Throughout the entire period of using our solutions, we also guarantee technical support in the event of failures and the appearance of unexpected errors.
Yes, we offer a 7-day free trial of our solutions. The tests may also include sample advertising campaigns.
We count the number of listens using analytical tools and a pixel embedded in the player. Each time a user starts up/switches on the player, it is counted as one instance of listening, no matter if the player was started from the same device or IP address.


In digital campaigns, we mainly use pre-roll. In this way, the ad does not interrupt the programme or video. When the player starts up, the advertising spot is played, followed by the audio or video stream. Mid-roll advertising is only offered at the special request of the publisher or advertiser.
We make every effort to ensure that campaigns broadcast using our technology give 100% brand safety. All you need to do is provide us with the restriction guidelines, and we shall ensure that the content on your website is protected.
Advertising space is a website that a publisher is authorised to have at its disposal to the extent that it is able to promote our advertisers. This could be, for example, a private domain, a website or a blog on which we place advertising codes.
Checking the potential of the advertising space involves analysing traffic and event data on the website, including: traffic, number of unique users (UUs), number of PV views, number of campaign impressions, and number of stream listens (in the case of a radio station). Additionally, it is worth noting that a website is an attractive space for an advertiser if it is well-positioned and publishes interesting content.


The implementation of the technology is free of charge. The only cost is the cost per impression determined individually in the CPM model.
The most common billing model chosen by our publishers and us is CPM. However, we are open to other solutions (agreed upon individually) as long as they are effective for both cooperating parties.
CPM billing is a rate-setting method in which you pay per 1,000 impressions (of a video or an ad). In the case of player technology, this means a rate for every 1,000 views (player launches).
Yes, there is such a possibility. However, cooperation in this way requires individual arrangements each time. If, in the course of joint discussions and negotiations, we determine that there is an economic justification for such a form of cooperation, we will probably undertake it.
Yes, it is possible to use the VE and RB technologies in an ad-free version. The Video Exchanger Platform then supports you with video content management and sharing. You also learn about the possibilities offered by the integrated video player. You can find a list of the benefits of using VE technology on its own at this link: Take advantage of our proprietary radio player technology as well. Here is a link to the full list of features:


1. We offer a comprehensive business proposition: we provide the technology together with the advertisers. We ensure the purchase of digital audio and video advertising space that we produce with our player on the publisher's or radio station's website. 2. The business model we propose is based on the assumption that the revenue generated by advertising campaigns – broadcast using our player technology – will cover all of the costs of using the technology we provide and, most importantly, will provide the opportunity to generate additional profit from in-stream advertising (digital audio and video). 3. The player technology we provide offers a range of functionalities that increase the key performance indicators of digital advertising campaigns, such as fill rate and viewability levels.


Monetisation is the process of converting web traffic directed to a particular website into income. In other words, it is monetising a website.
You can, for example, collect statistics and analyse traffic using free tools such as Google Analytics (GA code is embedded in the website). If you need GA support before testing our technology, please contact the Stream Extension team. We may, for example, advise you on what additional elements are worth adding to your website to collect specific events.

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