Radio Booster 360 Player

Sound is

  • Emotion
  • A powerful medium

It improves memory, evokes emotions and strengthens relationships by appealing to different feelings. That is why audio advertising is such an effective channel for reaching customers

By using our player technology with live radio broadcast and digital audio advertising campaigns, you will be able to benefit from the power of this medium.

The listeners are conscious, active and committed individuals who listen because they choose to do so. Here, the users themselves consciously choose to listen to sound that often reaches their ears without interference.

After all, headphones could not be any closer to your ears. As a result, more than 90% and sometimes even 99% of audio ads are listened to in full. People do not skip these ads


Radio Booster 360


Freedom of broadcasting

Ease of creation


Ease of creation

Freedom to create original, quality audio content


Full compatibility

Compatibility with audio advertising standards available on the market



Automation in the implementation of new formats and amendments for advertising services


Increase in engagement

Increase in listener engagement


Increase in number of ad impressions

Increase in effective number of digital audio impressions


Increase in reach

Increase in digital audio content reach



Built-in authorisation system to protect against unauthorised use of the tool


Radio Booster 360

Do you own a radio station? Increase your revenue stream!

  • You will gain advanced tools to build and monetise your radio station,
  • You will increase the brand awareness of your station,
  • You will increase the time spent by the recipient of your content on the website,
  • You will increase user engagement with enhanced content,
  • You will produce additional advertising space,
  • You will be able to track revenue, engagement and ad impressions on our intuitive dashboard.

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We provide an intuitive user panel with a set of statistics – User Experience (UX) at the highest level
Each account has its own license along with separate player settings. Launches asynchronously and is responsive (AMP compatible)
Dedicated space for storing and broadcasting radio signals


Radio player functionality

  • Radio stream broadcasting,
  • Fully flexible ability to customise the look and behaviour of the player to the service,
  • Support for engaging in-stream advertising formats,
  • Adblock support,
  • Presentation of information about the song or programme currently playing,
  • Mechanism that allows the user to rate the material,
  • Reporting of digital audio advertisements (Google Analytics),
  • Integration with additional, external systems of statistics,
  • Adaptation to different screens and device types.


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