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Stream Extension
Technology that supports
your digital advertising.

Stream Extension

Stream Extension is a technology company associated with the DIGITAL ADVERTISING industry, which supports advertisers, publishers and creators in growing their businesses and building a market advantage. We use our experience in designing and developing technology products for the DIGITAL ADVERTISING industry to grow your business.

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Do you want to be better than your competition? You've come to the right place! We have the tools to help you achieve your goal.

  • We plan and implement effective advertising campaigns on the Internet. We provide support during implementation and optimisation.
  • We provide reliable and innovative technology – in line with market standards – for managing video and audio content.
  • We transform video and audio content into income. We create solutions that allow both publishers and creators to generate profits from advertising.
  • Thanks to our content exchange technology, you have the opportunity to increase your viewability and fill rate.
  • We guarantee a high level of availability of the material uploaded to our Video Exchanger Platform and access to a personalised player.
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The Stream Extension team is made up of experts specialising in digital advertising who provide support during the planning, implementation and optimisation of advertising campaigns, as well as experienced developers who continuously optimise the technological solutions offered.